Colorado Road Conditions:  Mountain road conditions can be troublesome due to weather, accidents,  and/or traffic volume.  The following gives options to monitor current road conditions.

Colorado Road Conditions are available via the web ( &, a land line (303.639.1111), and from most cell phones within the State by dialing 511.

Colorado’s “Chain/Traction” Law – To avoid fines up to $650, cars are required to have tires that comply with the recently released minimum standards for tire performance.  All vehicles must have one of the following in order to proceed when the Passenger Vehicle Traction Law (Code 15) is in effect:

Snow tires with a minimum of 1/8” tread

All-weather tires with mud and snow (M/S) mark with 1/8” of tread

Four-wheel drive with 1/8” of tread

Traction devices (chains, auto-sock, etc.) for two drive tires

Individuals renting vehicles may want to check with their rental car company regarding whether or not the rental vehicle has appropriate tires.

Colorado’s Most Expensive Toll Lane

Most of the following is from a Summit Daily News article dated 2015.  The Italicized  portion of the following has been added to the newspaper article.  The Denver newspaper has described some of the following somewhat differently.

What is “the lane”?

The Express Lane stretches between Empire and the Veteran’s Memorial Tunnel East at Idaho Springs. It has two entrances allowing users to enter or exit at Idaho Springs if they wish.

If you are running late, you may want to pay the toll. When going to Denver from Breckenridge on I-70 you will encounter the Toll Lane a few miles East of Georgetown.  You can use the non-toll lanes of I-70 to avoid paying the toll.

I do not know what rental-car companies will do.They may add on an amount when you check the car in or they may wait until they are billed by the State and then charge your credit card.

There is no toll lane in this area of west bound I-70 at this time at this time.

When will it be open?

The lane is open approximately 70 days out of the year, generally on weekends during the ski season and busy summer holidays.

How much will the toll cost?

The toll can fluctuate between $3 and $30, depending upon congestion (or demand).  The rate will be displayed on electronic signs approaching the toll lane, and you will be charged that rate when you enter the 13-mile Express Lane.