Building Rules


Approved by the HOA Board on September 29, 2009,  Effective November 1, 2009

1. BUILDING EMERGENCIES, such as flooding and safety hazards, are to be reported to High Country Management, the HOA Property Manager, at 970 453-4905. Dial 911 for fire and other emergencies. The building address is 106 Broken Lance Dr., Breckenridge, CO 80424.

2. COMMON ELEMENTS, including building siding, stairs, front decks, roofs, trim and soffits as well as structural components, imbedded or attached electrical wiring, plumbing systems and cable/internet shall not be modified without prior written approval by the HOA Board. Parking and landscaping features shall not be modified without prior written approval by the HOA Board. Damage to common elements caused by actions of an owner, tenant or guest shall be repaired at the expense of that unit owner. The HOA assumes no liability for loss or damage to property left or stored anywhere on the site.

3. FRONT DECKS & STAIRS shall not be obstructed or used by anyone for any purpose other than ingress and egress. Any outdoor furniture must be preapproved by the HOA Board in writing. The front decks and stairs shall not be used as play areas or for loitering. Skateboarding and rollerblading is prohibited. Bicycles are not to be locked to deck railings or stored in common areas.

4. REAR DECKS are limited common elements for the sole use of the unit occupants. Gas and electric grills (under constant supervision when in use) and patio furniture are permitted on these decks provided that they are aesthetically pleasing as determined by the HOA Board. Unit owners are responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of their rear decks.

5. NOISE levels must be controlled at all times to respect the rights of neighboring units and minimized between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. Failure of unit occupants to reduce noise levels when asked or repeat complaints, may result in immediate imposition of penalties as prescribed below. 6. SMOKING on the Miner’s Candle premises is strictly prohibited in all common and limited common areas (including, but not limited to, decks, stairs and parking lot).

7. PETS of any kind are not allowed on the premises unless expressly authorized in advance and in writing by the HOA Board or HOA Property Manager. The HOA Board reserves the right to revoke the approval for any animal that is a nuisance to other residents, or is not controlled and/or tended to as required by local laws.

8. PARKING of all vehicles shall not impede general access to any part of the building. Vehicles shall be parked within designated parking areas. Unit owners are responsible for ensuring that their tenants and guests comply with these rules. No more than two vehicles per unit are permitted to be parked on the premise. The two vehicles must be parked one behind the other in a straight, compact manner to provide for maximum parking availability for the premises. The HOA Property Manager will provide, upon request, up to two windshield display parking permits for each unit. Parking permits must be visibly displayed at all times when a vehicle is on the premises. All vehicles must be moved at the request of the HOA Property Manager, at his sole discretion, to provide for parking lot cleaning, snow removal and maintenance or to provide for more efficient parking. All vehicles parked on the premises must be licensed, insured and operable. Any vehicle on site in non-compliance with these rules is subject to immediate towing at the sole cost and expense of its owner or user.

9. TRASH shall be deposited in a sanitary manner in the dumpster provided on the premises (located on south side of parking lot). Do not leave trash on decks or accessible to wildlife.

10. CONDUCT OF BUSINESS in any unit by the owner, tenant or guest shall be consistent with the residential environment and shall not require any business related traffic to or from the unit (rentals excluded).

11. PENALTIES for violations of these rules and regulations are as follows:

a. First Violation – Warning by the HOA Property Manager to occupants and email notice to Owner. b. Second Violation – $50 fine assessed to the unit owner via e-mail notification. c. Third and Subsequent Violations – $100 fine per violation assessed to the unit owner via e-mail. d. Unit Owners reserve the right to pass through greater fines, as may be prescribed in lease or rental agreements, upon tenants who cause any of these penalties to be as