Tech Stuff

This page provided information related to technology within our condo.

Condo Telephone:  Local calls are free.  This includes calls to Copper Mountain, Frisco, Keystone, Dillon, Silverthorne, and within Breckenridge.  Calls to numbers within these towns only require 7 digit dialing, i.e. you do not need to dial the 970 area code when using the condo telephone.

Internet/WI-FI Access: “Connect To” the “MinersCandle2” router –  The password will be provided to guests.

Television/DVD:  There are three remote controls:

One for the “Comcast” cable box

One for the “Sony” DVD

One for the “Dynex” TV which you should not need to use

    Each remote is marked on the back

The Comcast remote can be used to turn the Cable Box on or off, turn the TV on and off, adjust the TV volume, change TV channels, and view the “Guide”.  If the Cable Box remote only turns on either the Cable Box or the TV (but not both) manually turn on the TV after turning on the Cable Box with that remote.

The DVD remote is used with the DVD or you can use the buttons on the front of the DVD.

The TV remote could be used to turn the TV on and off and adjust the volume (but you should be able to perform these actions with the Cable Box remote).  There are also buttons on the left edge of the TV to adjust volume and turn the TV on/off.

COMCAST ISSUES: Internet/WI-FI/TV:  The best place to call with any service issues is bulk customer support at 1.888.895.6504.  All you need is the Miner’s Candle address (106 Broken Lance Drive, Breckenridge, Colorado 80424), Unit # (2), Account telephone # (720.261.8957, and Account Contact Name (David Grant).  You shouldn’t need it but our bulk account # is 8497-50-542-0001720.

If Comcast indicates that they will not be able yo respond within the next 24 hours – tell them that that is not acceptable and attempt to obtain a shorter response time.

You may also need the router “MAC ID” which is “CM MAC 8C04FF350CCE”.