Helpful Information – A to G

About Owner:

Dave & Nancy Grant

24984 E Pinewood PL

Aurora, CO 80016

Home Phone: 303.766.3096

Dave’s Cell Phone: 720.261.8957 provides details related to local services, etc.

Check-Out:  Check-Out time is 10:00 AM Please remember to drop off all Keys and Parking Permits at the BreckServices office, 11072 Highway 9, Suite 204, Breckenridge, CO. Telephone: 303.926.8121.

Departure Summary:  Check Road Conditions (I-70 Eastbound) – From a cell phone dial 511 or check,, or  The drive from Breckenridge to Denver can be as short as 2 hours or up to 5 hours or longer due to weather conditions and/or heavy traffic which is common on Sunday afternoons, the end of holiday periods, or road construction.

If you are not able to return the Keys and Parking Passes to BreckServices, please contact BreckServices and arrange an alternative return process or you will be charged a significant additional fee.  BreckServices telephone 303.926.8121.  While you can generally drop off the keys a little after the “check-out” time of 10:00 AM, please leave the condo by 10:00 AM.

Contact Information:

Check-In Office / Condo Cleaning Services – BreckServices, Corp, 11072 Highway 9, Suite 204, Breckenridge, CO.     Telephone: 303.926.8121. You will pick up Keys and Parking Permits at the BreckServices office.  Check-In details will be provided about a week prior to guest arrival.

Owners Dave & Nancy Grant 24984 E Pinewood Pl Aurora, CO 80016 Dave’s Cell # 720.261.8957

Electronics:  DVD Player – There are detail instructions related to utilizing the DVD Player inside of the white three ring binder on the top of the cabinet under the TV.  If the COMCAST remote control does not functions as described in our binder, the buttons on the left side of the TV set can be used to establish the interface between the TV and the DVD Player.

Elevator:  There is no elevator in the Miner’s Candle building.

Emergency:  Police/Fire Emergency #: 911 Please determine your location prior to dialing 911 The condo address is: 106 Broken Lance Drive, # 2; Breckenridge, Colorado 80424

Fireplace:  Fireplace Control:  The gas fireplace is the primary condo heat source.  Set the thermostat at approximately 68 degrees (lower at night).  The fireplace contains an integrated fan to distribute warm air but we found that it was not needed during last Winter.  The fan’s electrical plug is behind the fireplace.  You may want to plug it in but if you think that the fan is too noisy, unplug it.

Fitness Center:  Breckenridge has an Ice Skating facility located three blocks East of the condo.  The address is 189 Boreas Pass Rd, Breckenridge, CO.  There phone # is:: (970) 547-9974. There is also a Recreation Center located at 880 Airport Rd, Breckenridge, CO.  There phone # is: (970) 453-1734.  You can take the Brown bus to the Bus Transit Center.  Ask the driver how to get to the Recreation Center.  You will need to get on the bus on the “Yellow” route to get to the Recreation Center which is about a half mile North of the Bus Transit Center.

Grilling:  The outdoor grill cannot be used during the winter due to snow buildup on the deck

Grocery Delivery:  The largest food market in Breckenridge is 2 blocks North of the Summit Stage terminal.  City Market (400 Norh Park) can be reached via the path that runs North from the Summit Stage terminal between the gondola and the Blue River.  Walk 2 blocks then jog to the left and proceed around the front of the “strip mall”’ until you reach the City Market food market.  Return to the Summit Stage terminal and catch the “Brown” bus to the stop across from the Miner’s Candle condo complex.  The local “Trolley” can also be used to get to the City Market.  To catch the Trolley you need to walk one block East of the condo and one half block North.  The Trolley goes down Main Street and stops in the City Market parking lot.

The local food market in Breckenridge is Breckenridge Market and Liquor at 311 S Ridge Street which is 1 block east, 1 block North to Ridge Street and about 2 blocks along Ridge Street.  This is a market that is less than ½ the size of City Market and is more expensive than City Market but is a short walk from the condo. There is no grocery delivery service in Breckenridge.