Where Is/Are

This page provides answers to questions that I have been asked over the years of managing our condo.  I use directions in the following so you need to know – as you face the Miner’s Candle building you are facing West,  To your left is South,  To your right is North, Behind you would be East.

The pool and hot tubs are a short walk.  Go around the South end of the building and walk West for approximately one half of a block.  The pool and hot tubs are on the left.  Sign in as guests staying at Miner’s Candle.

The trash bin (dumpster) is at the South end of the parking lot in a small free standing building.  It is shared with the building next door (Lancers West).  The entrance is on the South end of the building.  There are small recycle containers located within the building.

The Breckenridge Recycling Drop Off location is on Coyne Valley Road about 2 miles North of Breckenridge.  Coyne Valley Road runs West from Highway 9.  There is a stop loght at the intersection of Highway 9 and Coyne Valley Road.  Hours and additional information can be located via the following web site: http://www.highcountryconservation.org/waste-reduction/recycling-guidelines/

The nearest ski lift (Quicksilver) is a 5 or 6 minute walk down the walkway to the pool then take a right turn and after a short distance turn left onto a path between two condo buildings.  There is a small sign indicating that the path leads to the ski area.  Continue walking West/Northwest and cross the street.  Continue on the path down a small hill, cross the bridge over the Blue River and you will be at the Quicksilver lift which serves Peaks 9 and 10.  Tickets can be purchased there and there are several ski rental businesses in that area.

The gondola is next to the Summit Stage (free bus) terminal.  Catch the “Brown” bus at the bus stop across the street from the Miner’s Candle condo.  Bus arrival times are posted at the bus stop.  The arrival times and route change month to month so please look at the current Summit Stage web site www.summitstage.com .  On the way to the bus terminal the “Brown” bus sometimes stops at up to two other ski lifts which both serve Peak 9.  The gondola serves the base area of Peak 8.

The closest restaurants to the condo are the Quandary Grill, Taddeo’s, and the Breckenridge Brewery.  To reach the Quandary Grill and Taddeo’s go to the pool and then work your way to the North between buildings for about two blocks.  To reach the Breckenridge Brewery go one block East and one block North.  If you continue North past either of these restaurants there are numerous other restaurants along Main Street, on Ridge Street, and on the side streets.

The heat controls within the condo are at several locations.  Each bathroom has two heat controls, one in the outer area of the bathroom and one in the inner area on the wall heater.  The upstairs second bedroom has a heat control on the right just inside of the doorway.  There are two other heat controls located on either side of the stairway.  The heat control on the left as you face the stairs controls a baseboard heater behind the couch along the South wall of the Family Room.   The heat control on the right as you face the stairs controls the fireplace.  The fireplace is the primary heat source within the condo.  It is basically a small furnace.  Since heat rises to the loft level of the condo use some caution regarding heating the lower level which could cause the upper (loft) level to be uncomfortably warm.

The Subway Restaurant is located at 305 N Main in Breckenridge.  This location is one half block East and one block North of the Breckenridge Transit Center.  I am including Subway for no reason other than it is a place to get a good sandwich  at a reasonable price.

The largest food market in Breckenridge is 2 blocks North of the Summit Stage terminal.  City Market (400 Norh Park) can be reached via the “Main Street” Trolley.  The closest Trolley stop is one block East of the condo and 1/2 block North along the East side of Main Street.  The Trolley is new in 2016 so the route may evolve as time passes (check the Bus/Shuttle schedule0.  After proceeding down Mail Street the Trolley stops in the City Market parking Lot.  When you re-board the Trolley for the return trip, you can ride the whole route back to where you initially boarded or transfer to the “Brown” route bus at the Summit Stage terminal and ride the “Brown” bus to the “Base 9” stop across from the Miner’s Candle condo complex.

The local food market in Breckenridge is Breckenridge Market and Liquor/The Food Kingdom at 311 S Ridge Street which is 1 block east, 1 block North to Ridge Street and about 2 blocks along Ridge Street.  This is a market that is less than ½ the size of City Market and is pricier than City Market but is a short walk from the condo.